Ea Class Smart For Two 1000cc Automatic

Category: Automatic

Magic Tours Smart For Two is a 3 Door Ea class vehicle with 1000cc engine, auto transmission and air conditioning that can serve 2 people at their movement in or out the city limits, with unlimited kilometers.

number of doors3 number of passengers2 number of suitcases1 air conditioning


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From - Till 3 days 7 days
10/1 - 31/5
1/10 - 15/12
171.00 € 287.00 € 231.00 €
From - Till 3 days 7 days
1/6 - 30/6
1/9 - 30/9
16/12 - 9/1
196.00 € 322.00 € 245.00 €
From - Till 3 days 7 days
1/7 - 31/8 204.00 € 364.00 € 287.00 €

All rates are in EUR

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OUR SERVICES  for Crete rent  a car car hire car rental
We love our job and respect the customer. That’s the reason that we offer:


  1. New cars of every type, with unlimited mileage weekly and three days respectively in low and high season.
  2. Safe cars, tested in official car services and dealers, under warranty replacement and service until April next year.
  3. Large Network of collaborators nationwide. with Magic tours rent a car   car rental car hire Crete
  4. FULL Insurance  packages with the best insurance companies that cover: a) Owner-induced damage b)Theft Insurance c) Fire Insurance  d)Third-Party damages e) Driver and passengers insurance f) Legal Protection g) glass & mirrors
  5. Affordable  Prices with Magic tours rent a car   car rental car hire Crete
  6. Special prices for dealers and weddings.
  7. Discounts-Offers (Beginning of the Season-End of the Season, Weekends, weekly or monthly offers) with Magic tours rent a car   car rental car hire Crete
  8. Long Term leasing programs
  9. 24 hour Roadside Assistance with E.L.P.A.
  10. Road maps totally free, child car seats, car racks, gps.
  11. Reservations, 24 hours
    (6947 4411118)  with Magic tours rent a car   car rental car hire Crete
  12. Delivery and collection of vehicle free of charge to our Magic tours Offices, the airport and hotels.Airport – Iraklio, Chania, Sitia. Port or marina, Iraklio, Chania-Souda, Rethymno, Kasteli, Kissamos, Sitia, Agios Nikolaos.In  every Hotel, furnished apartment-rooms, in every  county: Chania, Rethymno, Iraklio, and Lasithi).
  13. Substitution of vehicle in case of breakdown.
  14. Tax and Service - V.A.T. stamp, included.
  15. Free car parking at the airports (Heraklion Chania Sitia)
  16. Free car washing at our offices


34 Years with Magic tours rent a car   car rental car hire in Crete

Driver’s age: Minimum age limit 21 years.
Driving license: The driver must have a national or international driving license for at least one year.
Minimum Rental period: 3 days.
One day = (24 hours).  After 1 hour of the end of the lease term, you are charged with an extra fee equal to the  1/5 of the daily charge.
Fuel: Paid by the customer.
Traffic fines: Traffic tickets due to traffic violations during the rental period, are responsibility of the tenant (customer).
The tenant is not allowed to use the rented car outside Crete or to embark a boat without the written permission of the company..
Breakdowns: contact Magic Tours.
SOS: 0030 6947441118
Accident-contact: Magic Tours as soon as possible and appropriate action will be taken.

Road assistance: ELPA - 24 Hours (all our cars have identification's card) Membership Card from Automobile and Touring Club of Greece (ELPA)

Baby seat or Child seat – 3 euro per day maximum 5 days  charge
Roof rack – 4 euro per day are available only for certain car groups
GPS – 5 euro per day - maximum 5 days  charge

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